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Drugs Compounding 

We offer compounding services for not readily available formulations especially in pediatric cases.


We provide immunization service for all age range under very conducive environment, providing the necessary protection for the family


Medicine Use Review

Clients can come in with their medication for review with our pharmacists. We conduct a structured review with patients about their medicines use. The aim is to improve patients knowledge and proper use of medicines.

Repeat Medication

We offer the Repeat Medicine Service for our clients on chronic ailments. We arrange their drugs monthly or bi-monthly and deliver to them or call to remind them for pick up before their current supply is exhausted


Health Screening

As part of our know your numbers drive to encourage our community take active part in their health and wellbeing, we offer simple health screening test to include blood glucose, blood pressure checks, Malaria Parasite test, PCV, cholesterol checks, Pregnancy, Breast examination using the revolutionary BREASTLIGHT, diabetic foot examination amongst others tests.

We also offer screening and counselling tests for Hepatitis, HIV patients.

Paediatric Pharmacy

We counsel children and their parents about medication and track their medical progress making sure that there are no harmful drug interactions or unexpected side effects. We are able to compound drug formulations not readily avalable for paediatric cases

Cardiovascular Check

Our healthy heart check help our clients understand and know the estimated risk of having a heart disease, heart attack or a stroke in the next five years.


Clients can call in to make enquiries on medicine dosage, emergency requests and poison control. We have partnered with a leading access provider to provide live consultation with doctors via electronic channels to improve access to care

Family Planning

Our family planning services reinforces your rights to determine the number and spacing of your children by preventing unplanned pregnancy. Our experienced team are available to guide you on the best option available for you.

Doctor & Customer Approved

Trusted By Thousands Of Customers

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