Double Stemcell



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Our cells lose control of its restoration ability as we age. is a delicious blend of stemm cells extracts found in the rare Swiss green Apple and Burgundy Grapes. It is exclusively formulated and enriched with phytonutrient-rich superstars to help you regain control and keep ageing at bay.


Who says you can’t remain youthful? Double Stemm Cells rejuvenates your face, body and organs by protecting cellular longevity. The apple stemm cell delays the ageing process naturally leaving your body feeling fresh and revitalized.

Shielding your youthfulness at the cellular level!


UV Radiation is responsible for 80% of skin ageing. Solar Vitis stemm cells contains polyphenols known for UV protection. It differs from sunblocks and filters as it protects your skin on the cellular level and restores the skin’s regenerative capacity.

Protecting you all day long!

How to use Double Stemm Cell:
Double stemm cell should be used for at least 3 months.
Double stemm cell is available in both packet and bottle packaging. One packet contains 14 sachets and a bottle contains 200gm of Double stemm cell. It should be used twice a day i.e. morning and evening for fast and better results.

In the morning, put one sachet or one full spoon of double stemm cell under the tongue two hour before breakfast.

In the evening, put one sachet or spoon of it under the tongue two hours before dinner.

Advantages of Double Stemm Cell:

There are many benefits of using Double Stemm Cell. It is helpful in the cure of many defects. Boosts immune system.

Repairs cell and delayed ageing.

Maintains equilibrium inside the body.

Reduces fine lines and wrinkles.

Dilute spots.

Anti-ageing, skin whitening, toning.

Keep skin fresh and moist.

Makes skin healthy and beautiful.

Regulates blood sugar level and blood pressure level at normal condition.

Burns extra fat.

Fast healing of damaged tissues.

Prevents heart-related problems.

Helpful in cure of paralysis and cancer.

Gives wrinkle-free and glowing skin.

Strengthen bones, muscles and joints.

Prevents kidney related problems.

Improve skin elasticity.

Improves energy level.

improves mental and physical strength.

Reduces the effect of degenerative diseases.

Removes body pain.

It can cure spinal cord related injuries.

It increases resistance against cold and various allergies.

Double Stemm Cell is a must-use supplement for the regeneration process of dead or damaged cells, which keeps our body healthy and young. Various types of stemm cell products are available in the market you can buy and use any one of them according to your need to keep yourself fit and active. For more info on Phyto Science, contact 08134045502